May 8th 2017:
Hey so since i never really update here expect to announce conventions, you can follow my shop blogs for more recent updates or follow my facebook~ I forget to update here!

APRIL 19 2016:
Woops, it’s been awhile! I will be attending Monsterpalooza this weekend – table 112!


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May 15 2015:

Nothing much to report! Been hard at work making stuff for the shop and doing some freelance for Sideshow Collectibles. I won’t be doing any more conventions this year- just did Monsterpalooza in April.
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March 24th 2015:

I will be selling my work at Monsterpalooza this weekend!

Also since i rarely update here, you can always get news updates at my shop’s new page or by following my tumblr or facebook. My facebook has reached it’s friend limit so just follow my public posts for updates!

November 21st 2014:

This guy will be on display at the Kosart Effect Gallery 2014 Maleficium exhibit. It opened November 15th and will be open until December 19th:





October 2nd 2014:

I really need to update here more! Remember you can find all my latest news on my facebook:  It’s hit the 5000 friend limit but you can still follow my public posts over there. Or follow me on tumblr:

Here’s a slideshow in LA Weekly about the Wasteland Weekend event that just happened. Some custom cat skull masks I made for friends make an appearance!

Halloween is coming and i have masks in the shop! Check ’em out!


February 13th 2014:

I will be at MONSTERPALOOZA next month! There will be a bunch of original pieces to check out and take home at my table- dolls, original illustrations, and jewelry ( probably no masks as they are tough to travel with) Keep your eyes peeled for this banner, my table is usually at the very left hand side of the main vendors room.

It is the only convention i sell work at these days so hope to see you there!



December 10th, 2013:

The Clutter Gift Wrapped show will be opening soon!

This is information on the preview list sign up if anyone wants to snag art work.

My piece for the show!


November 25th 2013:


New shirt!

My Creature art is up at Design By Humans, mens and ladies shirts:

Also as pillows here! I think they have free shipping going on right now :




October 28th 2013:

Chicago local people should come out to this opening November 2nd. I will be at the reception and will be showing a piece:





September 3rd:


Hey Chicakdee now has Mose in stock! They also carry my pendants and horn barrettes:

August 29th 2013:

I’m going to try and give more attention to this site! I’m phasing out one place i have posted to for years and plan to be more active on my own website.

Good news! My 2 month long move is finally at an end. Some advice: taking your time to move just draws out a horrible and tiring process. Especially if it’s HOT out! Worst decision ever! I chose to move early since i needed to move an entire workspace/business along with personal items and have time to make art to make a living. Sounds great but in reality it is horrible. Never again. Add to that the Mose plush arriving in the middle of everything and needing to get those out to patient customers AND a plethora of other stressful complications….man, it’s been a tiring summer 🙂


But it was all worth it and i have a great new place to work/live in! Move is finished, studio is being put together and i can finally get back on to a normal work schedule. This means answering messages and sending out orders will be back to the usual: Messages take a few days if they are something i can answer and there is up to a 2 week processing time for store orders. I have several orders from last week and the week before that will be packed up very soon!

The first round of pre-ordered white DIY skull masks are going out too! They will take a little time to box and ship. I need to re-order my custom boxes but i will do my best to get these out soon.


Thanks to everyone who has been super patient and understanding about my time. I really appreciate it. The new place will help things run much more smoothly and i look forward to happier customers!

March 18th 2013:

I will have a piece in the upcoming Stitched show at the Clutter Gallery this April! Photo of her below!

The only convention im doing this year is also coming up. I will be vending at Monsterpalooza this April. Please come by to check out my dolls and check out the collection of seriously skilled people who are also vending there. It is by far my favorite convention since I always come away inspired and ready to improve my work. Being in a room with 100+ professional effects artists for three days will do that to you!

I will not be attending any other conventions this year. Monsterpalooza will be a consistent yearly con for me though.





Nov 28th 2012:

I always forget to update at my main shop’s news! Been busy making lots of dolls and working on the upcoming mask design. I just did my last convention of 2012 and im very grateful to have some time off from events!  Holiday order rush will keep me busy until the end of the year though.

Kitsune mask molds are finished and the first casts have started. Hoping to start orders the 1st and 2nd week of December. Solid dates soon. Click for production photo!

I will probably release the metal versions first followed by DIY the week after. They will be in my main shop.

Full colored versions might just be sporadic one- offs or as tiny micro editions. Doing the same time consuming paint job on more than two masks kills my brain, accelerates burnout 🙂


Like all of my cast resin masks, these will be made in very limited numbers. Once they are gone they will not be remade. There are quite a few places where i announce new artwork, please keep an eye out for a release date! The masks tend to sell out very quickly so don’t wait on grabbing one!

While i will get the masks shipped before Christmas, i cant make any promises they will arrive BEFORE then. Please be patient and dont pressure me for time, i will not rush anything. If you are ordering one for a gift, wrap up a photo of one so they know it’s coming…give me time to make it just right please!


If you are reading this looking for newer info I update pretty frequently on my shop’s news page as well:



September 5th 2012:

I’d like to thank everyone who came by my table at Dragoncon this past weekend! Happy to get to know some fans better and make new ones! Regretfully it will probably be my last since i have less time and energy for conventions lately. They require a lot of preparation and create a backlog of work when i get back home. Will be in for Monsterpalooza in Burbank 100% for as many years as i can go but otherwise no plans for any other cons after this year.

I will be taking the rest of this week easy so please be patient with messages and orders.

A new mask design is being worked on! Hoping to have it cast and produced for Halloween season instead of doing a pre-order. Remember you can always visit my about page to see where else i post art and news! I post daily on facebook and twitter, whee!

May 4th 2012:

It’s been awhile! Things have been busy since the last update. Just added a bunch of new art work, dolls and a new mask.

I also have a tumblr account that i update often. There are some really exciting things coming up that i can’t mention quite yet… I know, im a tease. Just stay tuned, it’s super cool 🙂

If you are looking for my handmade art dolls for sale i have them in my online store but i also post about half of them on Ebay. That way people can have a good chance of snagging a doll through an auction or being quick enough to grab one while it lasts in the shop!

Dont’ forget to check out my flickr page for more photos of stuff you see here. I post very frequently over there, a lot of work in progress too.



February 20th 2012:

-Good news for people that pre-ordered owl masks! Half of the painted owl masks are in the mail and on the way! The other half is being sent out all this week. DIYs will go out this week as well.

It’s difficult because not only do the painted masks have to be individually painted and clear coated they also need lenses installed, cloth over those, then cutting out the foam back pieces, gluing the foam backing and then gluing all the elastic bands on ( you have to do it all twice per mask too!)  Not to mention picking all the hot glue strings off everything, taping boxes, wrapping each mask and taping it all up! AND wrangling the week’s orders and packing duties. So it’s slow going, i wish it was as easy as waiting for a shipment from a factory and repackaging it all but that’s not how i roll! 😛

– Once the owl masks are all mailed, i will finish up a new mask design for pre-order. This one will be a sabertooth cat skull mask! Hopefully with a lower jaw option too if i can make it work.


-I also have some extra teefury shirts arriving tomorrow for folks that missed the design that sold on the 8th of this month. I will have mens and ladies sizes in extremely limited numbers. They will be for sale in the main store.


-A new doll is listed at ebay! an OWLBEAR! I have decided to move my dolls to ebay to make things a little more fair for folks that kept missing out on dolls in the main shop. I will be listing a new one every week or so depending on my schedule.


– New barrettes will post in the shop this week! Trying to keep up with demand as best i can without getting burned out on barrette making 😛


– I will be at Monsterpalooza in April! Just a heads up. I’ll be selling my stuff at a table like i did last year. I can’t wait, i think it’s my favorite convention ever.



February 7th, 2012

I have a new shirt design up at teefury for 24 hours only! Just $10. It’s been awhile since i did up a new shirt and im digging this one. Hope people love it!

I’m expecting a lot of the folks hitting up this site today are from teefury, so welcome! If you are looking for how to buy art from me please check out my main shop. I also have a ton of artwork posted in my flickr photostream if you are looking for newer art.

Commissions are also closed at this time. Too much to do and i already have a bunch of people waiting on art from me. Between running my online shop and making new artwork to pay the bills, i just can’t take on new work! Sorry y’all, i already work 12 hour days and i gotta sleep at some point 😛

I’m also laid up with the flu so the store ( answering email/shipping/packing orders)  is running a tiny bit slow for the next week or so. I hate being sick, argh…


Nov 22nd, 2011

Christmas is coming! Im trying to get all my ducks in a row to accommodate holiday orders. I cannot guarantee delivery times but here is info on holiday ordering from me:

-For the month of December , i will be going to the post office twice a week instead of once a week. This will cut back significantly on order processing times.

-US customers: Order by December 15th

-International customers: Please have your order in by December 10th

My main store is here if you would like to buy my work!






Nov 8th, 2011

I did an interview with Clutter Magazine, check it out!



Nov 5th, 2011

Whew! I was pretty much slammed the past two months and forgot to update here! My time has been spent making about a million masks for Halloween demand and making sure orders are packed and out on time. Exhausting but im glad for the business. Things will calm down temporarily and then…. holiday season! Then if business is as good as it was last year I’ll be holed up until 2012. Hopefully! I’m taking advantage of this small break to make a ton of stock for the shop and attend to older commissioned work.

A lot of new stuff is in the shop so please check it out! There is also a new look to the store, much easier to read and matches the style of this site better. Not too shabby lookin’, huh?


-Krampus season is coming! I have shirts up for pre-order in the store as well as postcards and enamel medallions on the way.

-Finishing up a raptor style bird mask to be released within a week or two. Like my other masks, this will be a limited edition run of casts.

– I have some small paintings coming back from a recent gallery show that will be in the shop soon! Look for them next week.

– Speaking of shows, i will have a piece in the Plushform show at Oh No! Doom! in November. Hooray!



Allright, i have work to do! More posts soon! Remember, you can always check up on me at the shop blog also.


Sept 14th, 2011

Mostly store news!

New barrettes are coming out soon! I’ll probably have them in the shop tomorrow or friday. The new design is based on a Kudu horn style. ThePronghorn and Half Curl Ram barrettes will be discontinued soon and are on sale now. I may list them in my etsy shop since that is a little sparse. The regular style ram horns, dragon and Leviathan styles will still be made!

I’m also working on the artbook for 2011. That will be up for preorder soon, i just need to edit all the file and get a sample from the printer. Check back in the next few weeks for that. It will be a collection of sketches, finished work and studio pics from 2011.

Next up: Tentacle hoodies are coming back for fall! Ladies and dudes styles, i will probably do a preorder for those soon also.

Besides that im working on a design to submit to Teefury ( yay, new shirts) and making more dolls and other fun stuff. Masks are still open for preorders for early October shipping.


Sept 6, 2011

Just got back from Dragon*Con and had a really good time! I’d like to sincerely thank all of the people that came by my table this year. Everyone was super cool and friendly! I’ll be back for D*C 2012 for sure.

The shop will be a little sparse for a bit until i can unpack all my artwork and take inventory of what is left over. Check back later this week to see what gets restocked!

This month will be mostly mask production for me since preorders are open and going strong. I might also be producing masks for distribution by a large Halloween company this month so… busy busy! Look for new barrette colors/styles, decals and other Halloweenish goodies soon too!

So, welcome to all the new fans from Dragon*Con! Glad to have met you, hope to see you again soon 🙂 I’m going to go sleep for 10 hours and try to recuperate from 5 days of non stop chatting, gawking and fun…



August 25, 2011

Welcome to my new website!