Bath Kol

This is Bath Kol. She may seem like she sleeps all day but the truth is she is always watching. Bath Kol is very protective of her home and keeps her gold-green eyes out for intruders. Give her a bit of prime rib and she will be your friend forever!
This is a one of a kind handmade art doll. The face/paws are cast in resin from an original sculpt. They are hand painted and sealed with clear coat. The face even has whiskers, each one meticulously hand glued. Her body is made from faux fur that has been hand colored with markings and accents to add a more realistic touch. The hair chunks are hand shaped and dyed wool accented with copper strips and brass beads.
Bath Kor’s necklace is made from a casting of a real tiger claw with real white tail deer antler tips and various minerals.
17″ total length from toe to ear with a 12″ sitting height. Tail is 11″ long.


This doll has been SOLD.

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