This is Belaud! He lives out in the woods, loves to hang out in old dead trees. He enjoys fixing up a hollowed out stump to be as comfortable as possible- you should see the little beds and tables he makes for himself. Belaud will gather and cultivate moss to make a cushy carpet and will stitch together found fabrics to make a big quilt for himself. He’s big into crafts and creature comforts! He’d love to live with someone who helps him make comfy blankets. His favorite thing to eat is sauteed mushrooms, yum!

This one of a kind, hand made doll is made with hand painted, cast urethane parts that are hand painted and sealed. His body is soft faux fur with stuffing and has been weighted at the bottom. His claws, and ears are slightly translucent. This doll is not articulated, it is a soft sculpture piece. He can sit on his own but is a little bit precarious due to the weight of his head, please display propped up from the back. Belaud’s mohawk is made from wool.

Belauds necklace is made from cast brass and stone. Sits at 14″ tall.

You can see more of my dolls by visiting the doll section of my store.

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