Boazar the demon

This is Boazar the demon! He is in the shop, he will be on the front page if he’s still available to buy:

He’s a demon of gluttony so his favorite thing to do is eat. He also enjoys tempting humans to do naughty things but really it’s all about food for him. His favorite thing to eat is roasted goose , today i caught him stalking some migrating Canada Geese! Don’t worry, i stopped him. If you think you can resist his corrupting demonic nature and love of trying to make you do stupid things, he’s actually an okay guy. Just don’t put him in charge of anything important.

Boazar’s pupils and dots on his horns as well as the horn base glow in the dark- a bright purple! His wispy whiskers also glow green! Give him a good charge in the daylight to activate the glow. He also has crazy bendy spines growing from his back! This is a one of a kind, handmade doll. His face, horns and claws/hooves are cast in urethane and hand painted. The body is soft faux fur with no articulation. His goatee is made from goat hair.

Boazar has a real python rib bone on his necklace ( id like to say it’s from his last meal but in reality it was ethically harvested from a pet who dies of natural causes) , along with an ammonite and an enamel star medal from a Shinto temple. His necklace is also made from anemone spines, amber beads, glass and wood. 15″ tall sitting including his horns. He is BIG and quite heavy!

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