Grodus the Grogodile

This is Grodus the Grogodile. Grogodiles are hard to figure out! They are pretty lazy but also very very quick when they need to be. Usually their speed is motivated by an unsupervised pie or muffin so keep a very close eye on your baked goods. Usually these critters spend the day scratching themselves with their odd long legs while snoozing in the shade. Grodus enjoys reading, model kit building ( mostly 1/18 scale) and rolling in dirt.

This is a one of a kind, handmade art doll. The face, hands, ears and feet are cast in translucent urethane and hand painted. Each piece is sealed with clear coat. The soft body is made from hand sewn faux fur and stuffed with polyfill. The body is also weighed to sit upright. The tail is fleece with a weighed tip.11″ tall seated, including ears.

You can see more photos of him here:

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