Hypatia the Harpy

Hypatia the Harpy, bringer of death and vengeance! She is anger incarnate and will bring terror to any who choose to slight her master/mistress. It is best to appease her with an organ meat tidbit every other hour or so. Hypatia is not evil just merely very angry and very dangerous. A great watchdog!


You can see more photos of her in this Flickr set.


This is one of the most complicated and time consuming dolls I have made so far! This is a one of a kind piece with articulated wings, head and legs. The wings are made from leather, the body is faux fur. The body is soft and stuffed with polyfill over an armature. Her head, claws, breasts and feet are cast urethane that has been had painted and tinted. The urethane used is slightly translucent giving her a warm realism in certain lighting.


The wings can be folded or spread to the full 37″ span. Each wing finger is bendable. She stands 14″ tall.


Hypatias necklace is made from a coyote tooth, brass danglies, cast mini bird skulls courtesy of Skullery , sea urchin spines and various stone beads. Her wool hair has copper wrapping, stones and beads set into it.


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