Jules the Skull Golem

Hello! Meet my friend Jules! He’s a Skull Golem, a mechanical and organic construct. Skull Golems are infused with magic that animates them. They were originally made to do chores and perform simple tasks but were so charismatic they became like members of the family. Some people say they have souls since they are so self aware and clearly display emotions and personalities.  Jules is eager to help with errands but prefers to sit in your lap and sleep.  His glow in the dark eyes make him a great companion for anyone who’s afraid of the dark!



This is a handmade, one of a kind piece of art. The face claws are an original sculpt cast in resin that is then hand painted. They have been treated with a special process that makes an authentic metal patina effect though the face is not actually metal.   Each cast piece is sealed with clear coat. The body is a soft, non articulated floppy style stuffed with soft polyfill and plastic pellets to weight the butt for easy sitting. High quality thick faux fur body. The glow in the dark eyeballs are made myself.


Jules also sports strange long flexible spines from the back of his back. These are made from soft silicone so he can still be hugged. Each one is hand shaped and set into the doll.


Jules bone pendant is courtesy of a fellow doll artist Remjie and the bone carver Shivory. Shivory hand carved it! The rest of the necklace is made from acai seed beads, African Amber, African terra cotta beads, copper and other seeds.


Every one of my dolls comes with a signed resin monster face medallion tag marking it as one of my one of a kind critters. These dolls are meant to be petted and cuddled a bit but please treat them with care. Wipe the face or paws with a slightly damp cloth to clean any scuffs or dust.  They are not rated for young children!


Jules is 12″ tall from ear tip to toe.

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