Magda the Boar

Magda is a jolly, happy lady! She wants to laugh at her own farts and eat jelly right out of the jar. A good buddy for anyone!

This is a one of a kind totally handmade art doll. Magda’s body is hand sewn with faux fur and stuffed with soft polyfill with plastic pellets stuffed in her bottom to help her sit by herself. The tusks are hand sculpted in epoxy clay.  Her face, ears, claws a hooves are cast from lightweight but strong resin that has been hand painted and clear coated to prevents scuffs.

She even has a hand wefted horsehair mane like a real boar does! Her hair pieces are hand shaped wool with various beads and decorations. Check out her individually glued horsehair whiskers! Glass eyes, deer antler necklace with quartz beads. Her arms have stripes that are hand sewn in. Pictures really don’t do this doll justice… she was shown at a convention last week and so many people were drawn to her!

Magda is 14″ ( 35cm)  from ear to hoof.

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