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Monster companions love to travel with you or just enjoy a nice sit on your desk while you work. They are eager to make you happy and will flash their smiles when you are feeling discouraged or down. They have dashing little traveling scarves to keep them warm. Monster companions will only reveal their names to their owners, it is up to you to find out!

These art pieces were created with an original sculpt that took many hours of work and refining. The pieces are then cast in urethane. Each one is hand painted and sealed with clear coat. Each limb can be posed thanks to the elastic tension articulation, the monsters can sit or stand. If your monster has problems standing be sure to pull on his legs to make sure his washer is lined up properly and that his leg length is even with the other leg/hip joint. If the elastic becomes loose eventually, it is easily replaced. I put a lot of love and work into these figures and I’m delighted to offer them to awesome new homes. I’d love to see some owner pictures! Each will come signed on his foot bottom and some with a small hand drawn tag.

These guys are 9″ tall not including the ears.

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