Montague the Monster


More photos!

This is Montague! He is a monster who is more at home in medieval times, a devil you might see frolicking in the margins of old parchment. He is very very old fashioned, things like cotton, buttons and women not being property are newfangled and mysterious to him. In a time where imps and demons are becoming less relied on to blame for the human condition, Montague feels a little obsolete and out of place. He’d like to learn to adjust to this new time and find his place in the world. Please forgive him if he reverts to his old ways- screeching at electric lighting or running water, not understanding that the TV does not house a miniature world behind glass, or trying to dunk women who speak their minds in cold ponds for being “scolds”. Montague just needs patience and maybe a bowl of pottage to sooth his frustration sometimes…

This is a hand made piece of art- the face/claws/horns and spines are cast urethane that is hand painted. Glass eyes are in the face and arms. His horns and spines GLOW in the dark! Faux fur body, stuffed with soft polyfill- floppy style doll with no armature. Montague’s necklace is made from an old cast brass piece with wood, stone and glass beads. The enamel piece in the middle of the brass pendant is a Shinto temple pin that can be removed and worn. He has two pewter pieces on his necklace that were made by Miyu Decay.

Sits at 15″ tall including horns.

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