Mose The Monster Plush

This is my newest production plush, Mose the Monster! This is a limited run of 500 pieces. Mose can be pre-ordered directly from me through my online store:

This is Mose the Monster! Mose is not a mean monster, he has a very very important job. Mose hates it when naughty monsters try to give nightmares to his human families. He will sleep curled up with you, his nose always scenting for bad monsters ( they smell like dirt and cinnamon) Once Mose gets that scent he’s up like a rocket, planting a firm clawed foot into the rear of any nightmare inducing baddies. After the nightmare monster has been bounced out of the house, he goes right back to sleep curled under your arm like nothing ever happened… but his nose will start twitching, waiting for anyone else dumb enough to make a move!
Mose is a plush doll made from super soft minky fabric. He is just under 14″ to the very tips of his horns and ready to be squished and played with. He was designed to be kid and hug friendly with an expressive embroidered face and soft fun texture. The place that is producing him adheres to all child safety standards though i can not recommend him for very small children.

500 of these guys will be made so get yours before they sell out! Mose wants to protect you!.. and maybe trouble you for a jelly dougnut. Or two.


Photo credit: Joe Coleman

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