Phaeton the Baku


This is Phaeton the Baku, a dream eating creature from Japanese folklore. He travels a lot so he often bottles up nightmares to eat while on the road. Phaeton also loves mead, he uses his giant drinking horn to glug glug, glug…have a drink! Fill his drinking horn and he will be your best friend. Phaeton is also a good cuddler ( esp when he’s had a little too much to eat and drink!) He also loves pumpkin cakes but really he will eat anything placed in front of him. But don’t let his gluttonous nature fool you into thinking he’s lazy, Phaeton is a smart and vigilant companion…always on the watch for bad dreams to catch. Make room for this critter because he’s a big one!

Phaeton is the BIGGEST doll i have created so far. I plan on making a huge, detailed doll like this about once or twice a year. He’s around the size of a small toddler, sits at 21″ tall. This doll’s core is balanced to sit with a soft body with an inner core, arms and legs are floppy and stuffed with soft filling.

Head, arms and feet are cast urethane that is hand painted. His inside leg is high quality fleece and hand dyed striped- his arms also have hand dyed striped! Body is faux fur. Cloak is made from cotton with faux fur trim, metallic gold painted spots with a brass clasp. His necklace is made from brass, a black druzy quartz pendant, glass bottles, African Amber and glass beads. His hair is made from wool. His drinking horn is a cow horn, sealed. There is a secret parchment stored on the horns wrapping! He has long flexible spines on his head that GLOW in the dark!

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