Philae the Gryphon


You can see more of this piece here:

Philae may have the pouty face of a bratty baby chick but she is a master thief and a mighty wee warrior. Her mithril cloak and hood protects her from harm ( if caught) and a silencing charm keeps her movements silent as a ghost! You can see some of the spoils of her adventures- a brass skull relic which is haunted by the spirit of a familiar who watches Philae’s back, warning her of anyone trying to approach…a flask of golden scales from a cockatrice, a valuable component in spells and potions ( sorcerers pay top dollar for them!) …a skeleton key, charmed to open any non magical lock with a simple wave and incantation…a locket that can allow the user to control a being once it contains five hairs or scales of the victim ( limited to human sized beings or smaller) Philae is crafty and cunning but not a bad or cruel critter- she just really loves adventure and the thrill of a good heist. Her favorite food are baked apple slices covered in honey!

This one of a kind, hand made doll is made with hand painted, cast urethane parts that are hand painted and sealed. Her body is soft faux fur that has been weighted to sit. Her horns and claws are translucent and glow in the dark after being charged in sunlight. This doll is not articulated, it is a soft piece. The wings are made from wool, the cloak and hood are made of fabric. Collar piece is cast urethane painted to resemble weathered metal. Tail is soft fleece which is also weighted.

Sits at 8″ tall.

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