Runni the Kabo doll

This is a Kabo! They are lazy, happy forest monsters who spend most of their time napping. They build elaborate soft sleeping nests on the forest floor, if you see leaves laid out on a spiraling circle pattern it is the work of a Kabo! Don’t disturb this nest while out camping or it will use it’s very sensitive nose to find you… and will poop in your shoes. Otherwise Kabo are pretty fun little critters, they like to play games and make a whistling sound when they laugh.


This Kabo is named Runni. She loves pizza crusts and apple slices! Runni likes to collect rocks and gathers them in her little satchel.


This doll is hand made using cast urethane from original sculptures, with a hand sewn faux fur body. This doll is not articulated, it is a floppy style doll stuffed with eco friendly soft fiber stuffing and weighted to sit for display. Claws glow in the dark!

Kabo’s satchel is made from wool with a special cast metal monster head button clasp! There is a special gift in her bag for you.

13″ tall seated.

You can see more of my doll work here:

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