Wedgemore the Robodogman- 1/6 custom toy

This is Wedgemore the RoboDogman. RoboDogmen were created in the old days when war hadn’t been universally banned yet. Originally created as reconnaissance agents and mindless assassins, these robots have been decommissioned and given their freedom. Loyal and hard working, many of the RoboDogmen decided to seek out human companionship and dedicate themselves to protecting their new families.

Wedgemore is one of the more outgoing and worldly Robodogmen. He likes to draw and make things, especially signs and beacons. He lives with a group of humans who are traders so Wedgemore gets to make them all sorts of displays and fun things. Wedgemore also has a beautiful singing voice.

More photos can be seen here:

This 1/6 scale 12″ tall figure is built around a pre-existing blank poseable body. I sculpted and cast the head, hand, packpack and feet. They are cast in urethane that is then hand painted and sealed. The clothing , shovel ,bag and canister were bought new but then painted and dyed to look aged. The backpack can be lit up using a small switch on the top. Battery pack can be removed to replace batteries. Wedgemore is a one of a kind figure, he can be played with and enjoyed but please do treat him with care.

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